Path. Where my passion lays?

It’s hard for me these days. Sometimes I think that I am just a traveler stuck in one of the stops of his life. And I am terrified that my next chapter of a journey won’t be happening anytime soon. I am terrified that I don’t know the path. I don’t know what I want to do with my life.  I have a few paths that could lean-to. But I am afraid that I am going to make a bad decision. And I know that we learn from mistakes but I don’t think I will be ever coming back from that. I don’t know it is just a feeling. It might not make much sense to anybody else but myself. But that’s how I feel. I heard a lot of comments from other people on what I should do with my life. And it’s not their choice it’s my choice but they still have a need to express themselves. Today one young lady said that she doesn’t understand me sometimes. Because my choices doesn’t make sense to her. And I remembered a phrase that I read somewhere that Taurus will never understand the Pisces. And I totally believe in that. Sometimes I wonder. When do real life begins? When we are in high school? When we have the first job? First love? But it is not about that right now. It’s about my path in life. I have this passion for a creative stuff. Like graphic design,well I just want to believe that I could be succesful. Or maybe I could choose hotels industry. It’s a hard choice. And I will have to make it soon.

To Love Somebody.

If I fall for you. I will never recover. I fall for you. I will never be the same. I know it is just a words from the song. But I really feel the same. But I really wanna love somebody. I am thinking about it every single day. I know one of those days she will be mine. But it looks so far away. And right now I don’t know what to do. Cause I really want to love somebody. People try to calm me down. Some people really do not deserve it. But they do find happiness in love. But how come? What did I harmed? Because I want to be loved too… Maybe I am destined to be alone? Sometimes that thought do cross my mind. But I don’t want to. I hope she will come to my life. She will be loved.


angerLately I didn’t really had much to say…But these days…I’ve felt this anger I haven’t really felt before…and I can’t really explain it… But you feel it when a friend reckless behavior destroys the plans that you’ve been arranging….and he’s not sorry for it…he’s pretty happy about it…


santa-clausIt’s been quite some time since I wrote something there…I know I shouldn’t make an excuses about it…But I just didn’t had anything on my mind…Well I did…But not for the world to read…Christmas…I know I know…I was thinking that Christmas is way too commerciolized…But today I realized that change is coming and being with family getting more important than buying gifts and eating tons of food…Nothing against food or gifts…But importance of family is right at the top good choice people…

Channing Tatum.

channing_tatum-12420I have found a whole new respect for an action movie actor Channing Tatum. I couldn’t even imagine that a guy like him could be such a chameleon. At first he does is Step Up well a movie taht didn’t really made an impact on me…And then years later he impresses me with Public Enemy. And now been touched with Dear John..Wich was a pretty amazing love story. It was a so sad story with a happy ending…I wish every romance could be like that wich could take years from separation but they still loved each over….It was a really emotional movie. And then he goes to 21st Jump Street…An amazing comedy…Laughed out loud so many times that I don’t even remember if I ever laughed like that ever..


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