I just posted a quote by Henry Miller… Because it is so true… Today I was talking with a friend about passion…The things that thrives us…THe things that makes us who we are and for a second I thought that I had no passion in my life… Well maybe because my passion is different kind of… But sometimes we forget how rich the world is… and my developmental passion for theater can sometimes be forgotten…For a second…I say developmental because it allways evolves… From the musical theater to drama… or even to opera and ballet… (haven’t reached that stage yet..) But who knows what one day might happen… It evolves just as everything else in this world…

Although sometimes you can’t compare the passion for sailing for example with passion for theater…But that just reminds us that we are different individuals… Every person is unique…So sometimes you can forget yourself even for a second when you do something you that you really love.

Yes that’s right forget yourself and commit fully to something that you want to enjoy… and no matter what people will say believe in yourself… There are many people that still asks me what do I get from going to see a play? Because it just bores them to tears… and for me I just can easily relax… and dive into the play.. For me time flies fast there… When I am at the theater enjoying myself… and it also lets to figure out the thoughts sometimes…

I forgot that theater is my passion because the season is over and I didn’t had any dose of theater for three months… But it will be coming back soon…and I will dive back into it…


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