Looking for emotions.

My house made of glass written by Liza Fernandez inspired me to make this post. I might be wrong but after I read what she wrote I thought about emotions… and how much emotions matters to all of us… Some people say that we don’t need to express our emotions constantly… But sometimes you don’t even know what you are feeling.. Sure you do know when you feel scared…When your skins stirs up. You do know when you feel disgust or you are pale from fear..

But what about when you feel something good? When you feel something like love or happiness? Have you ever thought about that? A lot of people never think before expressing their emotions and are reckless with it… Some people say that they can control their emotions… But is that true? I don’t believe so. Some people never understand what they are actually feeling… I think that expressing your own emotions leads you to the path of true happiness… But before expressing emotions make sure you understand where that emotion is coming from cause sometimes one emotion that came from one situation might actually be not related to that situation after all…

Understanding your own emotions means that you can understand yourself even more… and that’s what really matters in this world… Also it makes it much more easier to communicate with others… Makes the conversation starter much more easier… A lot of people are afraid of the having the real conversation. Because they might not going to be understood by their friends or family… and I know that it might never actually going to happen that people will conquer their own fears and have open conversations with people who matter to them…


3 thoughts on “Looking for emotions.

    1. no problem. Just been thinking about emotions and talking about it with my friends… I know it’s a short post… But I keep upping the length of it with every new post…

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