Blowin Smoke. Part 2

When I listen to Kacey Musgraves songs usually they make me think about something meaningful and for some time when I listen to this song „Blowin Smoke“ I’ve been about one of my friends and about people who are just blowin smoke… Living in the fog… and not thinking about the future at all…

They are just stuck at one point of their life and thinking that they will quit some day the job they don’t like and start something new… But they just blowin smoke… I know to make a decision is not easy thing to do so sometimes you just trying to get all the pros and cons in order before you make it… But time just flies by and before you make a decision you see that you live a lie but not a life you allways wanted and needed… and you know life just gets in a way before you can truly live meaningful enjoyable life… For some people it just gives time to figure out what they really want out of this life but some people just gets stuck..

Believe me I know how much frustration it takes to be stuck at one point of your life… I’ve experienced that… and how frustraining and painful for me it was but I’ve somehow survived it..You just don’t give up that period will pass…


3 thoughts on “Blowin Smoke. Part 2

    1. It’s not just about being stuck… It’s about how not to forget the meaning of life. Because when you start working just cause you need money and not to achieve anything satisfying that’s when it gets tricky with your life priorities… That’s what I think.

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