Never Let The Music Die. Part 2

Maybe you do not understand what kind of man I am.

But music is the light of life. Music doesn’t question your loyalty like the people do. I believe in music as one of the unspoken religion in life. Music gives you faith.

Music is the gift that a lot of people do not understands.. In my family I’ve heard so many times that no matter what the music won’t give you food or money if you are just listening to it and not creating it… That a lot of music makes the headache hurt…Maybe I admit that there are music who are like that… A lot of electronic music makes my headache just blow up. But without a music the world would be such a darker place..

Music is a lot like water in can drown you and give you very sad feelings but music also can give you second life…

Music is like an airplane that dive through the darkest clouds as well as it can crash and burn into the ground making sure that there is nobody alive.

Music makes you enjoy the life. Music makes you want to dance it doesn’t matter where somewhere in the club or in the kitchen corner or even in the shower…

Music helps you create the art or even write something beautiful that you haven’t even thought you could imagine…Just like a lot of us here in the wordpress world….

Music is the friend that everybody needs to have. It will be loyal to the core. It won’t question you. It won’t even judge you. Music is a friend that a lot of us needs… But music might surprise you.

Music forms what kind of man I am.

Music is the reason that a lot of us survive.

Never let the music die.


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