Came Here to Forget. Part 2

Keep singing this song, keep dancing along…Never thought it would be this hard to get over you.Keep thinking what would I say if I bumped into you somewhere in the public place.Keep checking my phone..Keep leading me on..Keep hitting this bar that we both liked..Keep drinking your drinks… But I know you won’t text me ever again… Keep thinking that with yet another drink I should forget your face. That is why I came her to forget you… But with another drink I even think what would you say if I call you? Would you even pick up the phone? But while my thoughts are slipping through my mind bartender pours me yet another drink…But yet again they keep playing your song… and I keep meeting yet another girl but all she does keeps reminding me of you… So I keep singing along t your favorite song and everybody looks at me like I am some kind of psychotic person. I don’t know if I am going to see you ever again so while I can I want to remember your angelic eyes and all the things that made you look so pure to me.. even if you were not that kind of person but in my mond you were.. so I keep singing your song till bartender throws me out but so far he is enjoying the show..while I keep checking my phone..


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