Stillness of heart. Part 2

All that I want is stilness of heart and find a way into your heart. I am feeling incomplete and weight of the world cast a shaddow over your love.Filling it with doubt and insecurities so no stillness in my heart just a bit dark.But I keep trying. All that I want is stillness of heart, so light this heart up and help me find the way into your heart.But I hope this dark road will end with the light of your pure heart. So I can start make way into your heart.All that I want is stillness of heart, so baby do not cry I am on my way to light that smile up! All that we want is stillness of heart. Even if we get lost on this dark road to stillness of heart But yet I’m out in the street looking for love. There is nobody left to meet. 

Roads. New Year resolution. Part2

I’m in a chase of something new. I hope this road will lead to you. I’m rolling this dice. I hope we match. I cast a million potions, I don’t care if I win or lose. My voices in the night makes this resolution to fall in love with you. I’m running towards your love.


Let this be your wish for 2016 as well to fall įn love.. Happy New Year everybody!

Run from Wolves. Part 2

And I run from from wolves. Demons that use the form of animals. Or maybe that is a regret that is hunting me down. Regret that I am giving up on her. Giving up on my love. You might think that I am giving up on you. But no not at all. I am just moving on. But why you even think that I try to forget you? Even if i run from my wolves. I gave it all and now it’s time to get the love that you gained but from somebody else. New breed of animals will be awakened… So I run from wolves that are trying to bring me down. Sinking all the teeth in me… and I run from wolves.. You can follow me but I have to run from these wolves… I have to hide.. Until new breed of animals will arrive in me.. How can it not end like this? With marks that you left on me all over my body like it was a claws that was teared into me but I run from wolves.